Montreal near Quillan in Aude

Come and discover the beautiful little town of Montreal near Quillan in the Aude, a town that captures the sweetness of life that is seldom found these days, whether you're going on holiday to South France, or looking to buy a house in France for a permanent move.

The town of Montreal is located between  the plains and the wooded area of ​​Malepère.  Dominated by the Black Mountains and bordered to the north by the old Roman road of Aquitaine, it is placed at the center of a municipality.  Montreal is located where the Midi-Pyrénées and Languedoc-Roussillon meet. 

The population of the town is growing steadily as it is ideally located, with its close proximity to Carcassonne and other tourist attractions (as well as job opportunities).  It offers a quality of life related to its protected environment.  This pretty town retains a traditional charm with its buildings, yet has many sport and leisure opportunities, giving it the best of both worlds.

The town has a lock located on the Canal du Midi: Lock Béteille which is part of the World Heritage of UNESCO.  The Canal du Midi is a magnificent construction, 240 km long connecting the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, it is a technical feat and is still a fun and original tourist attraction in Aude.  There is also a beautiful chapel of Notre Dame des Anges. Recently renovated and situated a few hundred meters below the collegiate chapel, it reflects the turbulent and rich history in Montreal. Built in the eighteenth century, then abandoned during the Revolution, the chapel is part of the local heritage.

Do not hesitate to discover the chief town of the district, overlooking the vast plains of Razès, Lauragais and Carcassonne and let yourself enjoy the calm and tranquility of Montreal.

Quillan in Languedoc Roussillon

Quillan is a larger town near Montreal and is the start of some great canoeing routes along the river Aude, at the foothill of the Pyrenees mountains in Languedoc, Quillan is close to Rennes les Chateau, a historic town which inspired much of The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, Rennes les Bains, with natural hot springs and numerous other small towns and villages, each with their own unique charm.

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