Should Your French Directory Submissions Use Unique Content?

In the modern world of Internet marketing, it is becoming increasingly difficult to remain ahead of the game.   Reaching and retaining a high page ranking on search engines such as is vital if businesses are to attract visitors to their sites.  Visitors are potential customers, so the more targeted the Internet marketing can be, the better the chance of increasing new customers.   Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a critical part of achieving success in this field.

One of the most effective ways of achieving high page ranking is to submit articles and adverts to online directories.  There is a caveat to this, however: many search engines use sophisticated software to recognise duplicated or poorly written material.  If they find that the same content has been used for several submissions, then they will discount most of those links, making the submissions ineffective.  Some sites have actually been penalised for such practices, by being moved to a much lower page ranking.

As with any kind of marketing, there is a balance between the available budget and the cost of providing the high quality material necessary to achieve the best results. favours directory submissions with original, varied and informative content, so these are more likely to see your business climbing up the search engine page ranking.  However, it does take longer to write this quality of material, so there is an increased cost involved.  If the alternative is poorly written material, which has been duplicated, or “cut and pasted” from other submissions, or, worse still, simply plagiarised from other sites, then the effort spent in this kind of marketing is a complete waste of time and money.  The end result is likely to show a detrimental effect on a site’s positioning, rather than the desirable improved page ranking.

In addition to using the best kind of unique written material, it is important to know the market.  There are many thousands of Internet directories, so understanding and researching them is essential for selecting the ones most appropriate for a particular business.  There are several top French directories that not only have a high PageRank in their own right, so appear high on search engines, but will also generate specifically targeted traffic to the businesses that are accepted for listing.

One solution for avoiding problems and achieving success in this complex area is to go to a specialist SEO company, such as can be found at   This ethical company has a team of SEO experts, who constantly monitor changes to and requirements for Internet marketing to ensure that they have a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of this area.  They also use a team of native French speakers for all their content writing, to ensure that the material is accurate, unique and informative.  Their success in this area has seen many of the sites they have promoted reach Page One ranking on and other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing.  Several have also reached the coveted top three ranking. 

Why try to muddle through when expert help is available?