Recommended Dentists in Aude

It can seem to be quite a challenge to find a good dentist in France.  If you're looking for a dentist in Aude, France then we would be particularly recommend either of the 2 following dentists, who've either used or friends have used and who come highly recommended.

Unfortunately we also have to add another recommendation which is to AVOID Jacques CROS, a dentist based in Limoux (formerly Couiza).  He claimed to have removed fillings which afterwards it turned out he'd only coated with a white resin and several friends we know have had bad experiences with him, anyway back to the good dentists:

Cyril FEMENIA (English speaking, although the receptionist doesn't)

Dental Office
Cabinet du Lauragais
55 avenue du Lauragais
ZAC de Rouzilles
11150 BRAM

04 68 76 10 08

Castilla Dominique (French speaking only)

3 Place de Verdun
11260 Espéraza

04 68 20 50 45